Monday, November 2, 2009

Did you ever stop to think........

Did you ever stop to think about this........we all have our favorite baseball player, singer, actress/actor, fitness personality, talk show host, the list goes on and on....sometimes we've said to ourselves...I wish I could be like that person, I wish I could speak or sing like that person....Oh I wish I had that person's body....I am sure that they set goals....made a prior to do whatever he/she had to do to make that goal/dream come true. It took dedication, it took commitment, it took hard work BUT they did what they had to do to make that goal/dream a reality. Nothing comes easy in this world as we all know. We have to work for our what would make you think that having a fit tone & healthy body wouldn't. You have to decide, commit that your going to dedicate yourself in eating healthy (making the right food choices) and you have to get up & move, get some physical activity in your daily routine, even if it means just 30 minutes a day...take a walk, ride your bike, get a 30 minute Cardio dvd....get moving. I promise you that you commit to this you will reach your fitness goal.

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