Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pay Attention to You & Beauty: Remember the Big Picture

When is the last time someone asked you how you were feeling? More important, when is the last time you asked yourself that question?

As you work on shaping up and becoming a healthier person, keep in mind that there is more to this effort than just changing your appearance. Just as you can gauge your weight loss by stepping on a scale regularly, you can, and should, measure your progress another way — by taking stock of how you feel. Is your energy level increasing? Are you getting enough sleep? These are all important signs of good health — and by paying attention to them, you'll be doing yourself a big favor!

Remember that a strong component of a healthier lifestyle is feeling good, not just looking good. Be alert to changes in your energy level, your mood, your interactions with others, how quickly you fall asleep at night, and how rested you feel in the morning. Record your observations in your Journal, and be honest with yourself about your high and low moments. It's exciting to review your Journal later and realize how far you've come — not to mention how great you feel!

All these signs are just as important as your size, if not more. Be proud of yourself for how far you've come!

Strive for five — aim to eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day!

Water is important on days when you exercise and on days when you don't. Drink up — stay hydrated!

Beauty: Remember the Big Picture

There are plenty of women out there who spend loads of money to improve "flaws" that are so tiny — practically invisible — that you'd need a magnifying glass to see what they're talking about.
What I find beautiful is a person who takes care of herself by eating well and exercising regularly. It's not about crow's-feet or a few extra pounds. You can't bottle and apply the glow of good health or the look of confidencethat a woman who feels good about herself radiates. That's something you can't buy — it comes from within, and you've got to develop it yourself!

In this life, you can't afford to lose sight of the big picture when it comes to your inner and outer beauty. Are you doing all you can to take care of your health? Are you proud of your character and your relationships with your family, friends, and others? Focus more on being a good person and worry less about those superficial things, and soon your true beauty will reflect back at you in the mirror.

What's the difference between those who can and those who can't? Confidence!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goals are dreams — with deadlines!

Achieve Your Goals

If you're like me, you probably set your sights high! Shoot for the stars, I always tell my kids! However, when you have a lofty goal that will take some time to achieve, it's easy to get discouraged along the way and lose your motivation to continue. Don't let that happen! Keep yourself feeling motivated and encouraged throughout your efforts by breaking down your big goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

This means, for example, that if your goal is to lose 40 pounds, you may break it up into eight smaller goals of 5 pounds. Losing 5 pounds doesn't sound as hard as losing 40, now does it? As you hit each of your smaller goals, reward yourself — not with food but with something that you enjoy and that will continue to motivate you. How about a new workout top for each 5 pounds? The latest fitness magazine or book? Or you can put five bucks aside toward a larger, more substantial gift that you'll get yourself when you hit your long-term goal. Some people find it motivating to keep a chart and put up a check mark or a sticker for each small goal they achieve.

This works for weight-loss goals as well as any other large goals you need to accomplish. Got a big home improvement project? Divide it up into small tasks you can work on each weekend. Do your kids need you to organize a school trip or help them get packed for college? Set up detailed lists to get you ready for the big day. This method can help you manage any life goals you set for yourself, even very long-range ones like saving to buy a house or for retirement.

This month, your job is not to let yourself become overwhelmed when you have a daunting task before you. I know you can do this! Start by breaking it down into smaller goals. You will accomplish so much more — and feel so much more relaxed and proud of what you've done. And I'll be proud of you, too!

Tips:Morning Stretch with Denise Austin.