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Only Skin Deep: A Guide to Preventing and Treating 4 Common Skin Ailments

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Only Skin Deep: A Guide to Preventing and Treating 4 Common Skin Ailments
By Omar Shamout

At the risk of being overly poetic, I like to consider our three layers of skin the brave knights defending the bodily temple from marauding microbes. As our largest organ, skin is the part of our anatomy that protects us from harmful invading pathogens. If the brave epidermis, the fearless dermis, and the dashing hypodermis weren't there to protect us from these intruders, we'd be as helpless as lambs to the slaughter.

Our skin has a total area of approximately 20 square feet, which leaves a lot of room for a myriad of potential medical problems. So, it's essential that we get a proper understanding of the most common of these ailments and take the steps necessary to ensure prevention. But sometimes issues can arise despite all of our best efforts, and it's important to understand all the options available to you in terms of treatment.

Before we even get to the list, one commonsense way to look after your skin is by staying properly hydrated. Waiting until you get thirsty means you're already dehydrated, so be proactive about it. Your body loses 2 to 3 liters of water a day just from normal activities, excluding exercise, so proper water intake is essential to keeping not only your skin healthy, but your entire body, and will aid in the prevention of many of the conditions mentioned below.

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