Friday, April 23, 2010

Double-Duty Boost

Blast thorugh a tough workout with the power pairing of "GREEN TEA" & "WHEY PROTEIN" By: Tosca Reno & Jerry Kindela ( April 2010)


Ready in 5 minutes - makes 1 serving

1 Large Cup Green Tea, steeped from two bags

2/3 Cup Unsweetened Applesauce

1 Tbsp Ground Flaxseed

1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder

Pinch Cinnamon

Ice Cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly.

Nutrients per serving:
Calories:240, Total Fats:3g, Saturated Fat:1g, Trans Fat:0g, Cholesterol:40mg, Sodium: 50mg, Total Carbohydrates:33g, Dietary Fiber:6g, Sugars:23g, Protein:23g, Iron:1mg

Whey Protein - for muscle - For optimal results drink half of this shake before your workout and save the other half for afterward.

Green Tea - Catechins in green tea have been shown to dilate your arterial lining just 15 minutes after drinking! Improved vascular function allows your body to better reload your muscle cells with the fuel it needs immediately for muscle-building energy.

Flaxseed - Omega-3 essential fatty acids, found in flaxseed, help minimize potential muscle soreness brought on by postworkout inflammation.

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