Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eat-Clean Diet Book

The Eat-Clean Diet Expanded Edition
You had questions and Tosca answered them! The Eat-Clean Diet Expanded Edition covers the basic principles of Clean Eating and more by further developing key points of the Eat-Clean lifestyle. Clarification on supplements, cooler plans, and macronutrients all make this book the only guide you'll need for fast fat loss that lasts forever! Additions include three new menu plans and accompanying grocery lists, a new chapter for men, new information for vegetarian and gluten-intolerant Clean Eaters, and a food tracker. With these added tools and information, Tosca ensures that everyone -- including men, children and those with specific dietary restrictions -- can apply Clean Eating to their everyday life. Let The Eat-Clean Diet Expanded Edition transform you the way the original has for millions of others.

So, I got this book.....great book.

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