Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Year Fitness Challenge

New Year Fitness Challenge

Type: Sports - Sporting Event
Network: Global
Start Time: Friday, January 1, 2010 at 12:00am
End Time: Monday, March 1, 2010 at 12:00am
Location: Your Own Home

Happy New Year 2010
Get ready to set & reach your fitness goal!

Join our New Year Fitness Challenge. Get ready to get fit, tone, & healthy.

* Choose "YOUR FITNESS PROGRAM" - Don't have one - no problem - visit my Beachbody site

* Join WOWY SuperGym - we have 3 different membership options - choose one - visit my site to join -

That will help you stay consistant with your workouts.

***** Why should I schedule my workouts in advance? ******
Because it helps you get fit. Studies have shown that people who schedule exercise sessions like any other important appointment are far more successful at sticking to a consistent, effective fitness program. When you stop treating your workout as just something you'll try to get around to, you're much less likely to skip it.

What's more, it just makes things easier. When you add the information in advance, you'll know exactly what workout routine you'll be doing and how long it will take, and you'll have a continuing record of your workouts that lets you know where you are and helps keep you motivated.

Last but not least: When you schedule and complete daily workouts in SuperGym, you're automatically entered to win cash and prizes in the Daily Sweepstakes! How's that for motivation?

*** Lets face it we all need that extra support! Someone to motivate you, someone you know it setting & reaching the same goals you are trying to reach. This Challenge is a step at that direction....****

** Join Get Fit Tone & Healthy group here on FB -
Get the latest updates & great fitness & healthy information.

** Eat Healthy & Drink your 8 glasses of water daily.

** Workout/Excerise - 6 Days a week & Rest 1 day.

** This is ALL about YOU! Are you committed? Are you ready to make the changes necessary to reach your goals! **

Start 2010 right.....Getting Fit Tone & Healthy!!!!!

Email me - - or message me on FB - Name, Email, Fitness Program & Goals (during this challenge), and your Team Beachbody ID#.

** Everyone that participates becomes a winner! **

Your Prize ~ a NEW IMPROVE YOU! :0)

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