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Fuel your potential

Sometimes you just need more energy & improved focus to get you through your day.
Herbalife's Energy & Fitness products deliver just what you need, along with the nutrients that build on our foundation Cellular Nutrition, nourishing your cells for optimal function.

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Energy to Spare!
By Luigi Gratton, M.D., M.P.H.
Vice President, Medical Affairs and Education

Did you know your energy levels don’t have to dip just because the sun does? You can have steady and lasting energy throughout the day–even after work.

It’s easier than you think, too.

First, what you eat contributes greatly to your energy level. Because digestion utilizes the most energy of all the body’s systems, the more unhealthy you eat, the longer it takes to digest the food; especially if you are consuming a lot of packaged, fast-food or “convenience” meals, which have low nutritional value and possibly chemicals. Your body doesn’t recognize and can’t use unnatural ingredients so it must work harder to eliminate them leaving you feeling drained. Also, when you don’t consume the nutrients your body craves, you stay hungry which can lead to overeating. This cycle requires added energy for digestion, which is why you feel fatigued after eating meals with low nutritional value.

Your overall fitness is another factor that determines how much energy you have throughout the day. Fitter people utilize energy more efficiently, and therefore have more left over to get them through the afternoon and evening. It may sound ironic, but the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have. This is because your muscles provide more energy than fat, keeping you feeling invigorated longer.

Herbalife Energy and Fitness products can help you on your way to achieving your wellness goals. Herbalife products like Liftoff®, Roasted Soy Nuts with Cardia®† Salt, and Garden 7® can help keep you alert and energized whether you need more energy to keep up with your job, kids, recreational activities or serious athletics.

With added energy and better fitness, you’ll not only accomplish more, but you’ll accomplish it more effectively, which leaves you with time to spare. And who couldn’t use more of that?

Tips for getting more energy:

Eat more healthy foods
Stay active
Try energizing products like Liftoff®

†Cardia® is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, Inc.

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