Monday, May 17, 2010

Prioritize Your Life!

Feeling overwhelmed? I totally understand! Between juggling work and family and dealing with everyday obligations and distractions, life can get a bit chaotic. The best way to handle it all is by prioritizing. Identify what's really important.
When it comes to work-related tasks, this can be fairly simple. Deadlines usually dictate what jobs need to get done now and what tasks aren't as pressing. If you're unsure, ask your supervisor to confirm what your priorities should be. And if you're overloaded, don't be shy about requesting that some of your duties be reassigned.

Home-related priorities are trickier. You want to be as efficient at home as you at work, but you can't do it all! So go easy on the house rules. Instead of rushing to clean dirty dishes immediately after dinner, take some time to sit for a while and chat with your family. Strengthening these relationships is what matters most!

Use your Journal to make note of all the things you'll need to get done that day — or week, if you prefer — then rank each task in order of importance. Stick to accomplishing three things per day. Yes, just three. If you go over that amount, then fantastic! The point is to give yourself a break. Hey, you're only human

Morning Stretch with Denise Austin.

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