Sunday, August 30, 2009


So yesterday I picked up Prvention Guide lastest issue on stands now til Oct 20th. It's the Abs Guide issue and of course caught my eyes, as I work to reach my goal to FLAT ABS! So as I was waiting for my kids @ the parent pick up line ( it was way to hot to read) but I was looking through the magazine. So as I am looking over each section 1. The Sculpting Moves 2. Shrink Your Middle 3. Blast Belly Fat Fast 4. Amazing Abs Journal 5. Tone Abs With Yoga ( there were other sections on foods that help strink your belly too) But as I am looking over these sections I am like WOW all these moves, poses, excercise routines - are all in my TURBO JAM WORKOUT DVDS!!!!! ALL!!!!I was very excited happy etc....because as I am working to reach that goal I know I am on the right track and the workouts I am doing will give me these results. So I just wanted to share this with you all as we see ads on TV about workout programs & people losing weight & getting flat tight tone abs. And we think oh that is fake. It can't be that person...lets be honest we have all made those comments. I know I did. But I know it works...I haven't reached my goal but I do see the changes....I have been working it out to Turbo Jam for 1 year and 2 months and I love it...I would suggest you find a workout program that you love as I did....make changes to your eating habits as I did and just like I - lost over 20 pounds and am working at getting a tone lean body - you can do it too!!!!!It won't be may not have any support...but remember your doing this for one very important person "YOU" !!!!!! Visit my BeachBody WOWY gym. Schedule your workouts....we have different programs available...not all of us like to move your body & dance & kickboxing...some like slow pace Yoga style moves which is okay...that is why God made us different...but pick something and stick to it and YOU to can get results...and have those FLAT TONE LEAN TIGHT ABS you've always wanted or even had but after having children lost. :)Make a decision to get FIT !!!!

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